Talk to me.


I love hearing from people, and I read ALL of my emails, but I receive so many that I truly can't answer everyone. I give priority to family members, close friends, and full-time members of the media, but I welcome anyone to get in touch. You can email me here, but please be patient. During the baseball season, when things are extra busy, it might take me a week or two to reply. For a quicker response, hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment on the most recent post on my Instagram. I try to keep up with that stuff, but it's been tough lately.

If you're interested in joining me for a "Watch With Zack" game, look at these FAQs before you get in touch. If you want advice about snagging baseballs at a particular stadium, there's no need to ask, and in fact I won't write back -- not because I'm rude but because I don't have time to answer everyone, and I've already answered this at length in many different places. Check out my YouTube channel for videos from *every* current MLB stadium. I've also written detailed blog entries with tons of tips and strategies about every current stadium. You can find those here. If you want general/additional advice, pick up a copy of my latest book, The Baseball, and turn to Part Three. The final third of the book is called "How to Snag Major League Baseballs" and provides lots of info that you won't find anywhere else. Check the book out of a library and read it for free, if you want. Just understand that I can no longer offer personal advice via email.

If you want to know when I'll be at a certain stadium, I'm flattered but sorry to say that I no longer post my schedule or discuss my plans.
Sometimes I reveal my whereabouts on social media.

Sorry to be a downer, but I hope you'll understand that I get beseigned on a daily basis with hundreds of emails, tweets, DMs, and comments across various social media platforms from people I don't know, most of whom want to meet and/or want something from me. That said, I appreciate that anyone cares about what I do, and I'm grateful for all the support.